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February 2011
How often should I get my Automatic Transmission serviced?
South West Automatics have been dedicated in providing their clients (retail –trade –dealerships) with anything relating to Auto Transmission servicing, rebuilds & technical assistance for over 16 years. They have given us access to there full library of transmission tips, how to & fixes.
“I thought my Mechanic who I usually take my car to had all that under control. After all, I did ask him for a full service when I dropped the car off.”

These are not uncommon discussions we have with our customers or potential

customers who have come in for that transmission complaint that has just occurred on their vehicle.
They are stunned and left puzzled that even though they have requested a full service from their mechanic (the person they have come to trust and create a bond with) to not have informed them of the need to get the transmission serviced at the desired intervals.

During our conversations with the customer and upon educating them that the transmission is recommended to be serviced at 12 months or 20,000 k/m intervals (with certain transmissions the acception, when synthetic oils are used) you can sense a certain feeling of let down.

The feedback that we have been getting up to know is no further from the truth as described above.

To all the general technicians, repair shops out there let me give you the heads up that your customers are more than happy to be giving you the extra dollar to check that transmission dip stick level, or service that transmission on the yearly basis, if you are not already doing it.

With all that time spent in repair shops attempting to create a bond with their customer, it can all be the start of the end when it comes to long term customer satisfaction.

My suggestion would be to keep record and advise them on the next transmission service. If transmission work is not what you like doing or your shop is not set up for it, recommend your customer / client to your nearest trusted transmission people.

I am sure your customer would appreciate that you were happy to give the job away and not charge them directly (putting their minds at ease that not all mechanics are rip offs, especially you)

If you were going to work with your local transmission guy create a liaison and some sort of arrangement, were he can provide you with a small part of that service in thank you $$, or some credit towards the next repair he performs for you.

Whichever way, everybody is happy.

Something to think about and more importantly you don’t risk losing that client you have worked so hard to keep happy over the years.

By Peter Angel
South West Automatics
115 Eldridge rd, Bankstown NSW 2200
Ph  (02)  9790-2524 Fax (02)  9790-2131
International (Ph):+ 61 2 9790 2524

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